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How to use PIXEM (incl. affiliate account)

How to use PIXEM smoothly: As you know, the PIXEM system consists of the robot, the beacons 1 to 3 and the clock. When setting up the system, it is best to observe the following sequence: Position the robot including the camera (mobile phone or the PIXIO camera) and switch it on. Place the beacons: No. 1 directly opposite, No. 2 to the left of it, No. 3 to the right of it, switch it on. After this place the clock at No. 1 and switch it on, leave it there. Go to the mobile app, adjust the section and zoom. Another advice, if you also wear an Apple Watch, it can interfere with the system's Bluetooth. The same [...]

SAP Equestrian Day

On December 5th, the SAP Equestrian Day with Ingrid Klimke took place at the Reit- und Rennverein Walldorf. The topic was: "Bringing positive tension into the horse: More stability and mobility in the riders middle position". There took place a seat analysis by my colleague Alex Kappes on the [...]

Yes, you can…!

Advice how you can keep your input. As you know, you get a massive theoretical and practical advice during my lessons. Sometimes it's too much to keep it in your mind. Belwo you will find some advices how you could keep this input after the training and how to [...]

We moved!

Since October 1st we have arrived in our new home at the Reit- und Rennverein Walldorf! The stables of the RRV Walldorf were recently built and re-designed and we found the opportunity to offer professional training for you and your horses. The facility has a 20x60m and 20x40m indoor [...]

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