Elke Potucek-Puscha spent a great deal of time working with Egon von Neindorff, and this is what at first sparked my interest in wanting to meet her. I soon learned that she, after EvN’s passing, became a student and integral part of Arthur Kottas’s training system and assisted him in his work and clinics.

I was able to bring Elke over to California in the spring 2018 after my long-time mentor Melissa Simms passed away. Melissa was the head rider of the Egon von Neindorff Institut, I rode with her for 22 years. As I knew Melissa would want me to continue my journey of learning, I reached out to Elke to see if she could come stay at my farm and give us a riding seminar.

In working with Elke and getting to know her, I soon realized she is a calm and effective teacher with a talent for helping people with a multitude of different circumstances in their training process. She not only brings a tool bag of great exercises for being in the saddle but is more than proficient at the work in-hand. She understands what is correct and departs that wisdom in a most constructive manner. She brought out the best in each rider and horse, keeping everything positive, fluid, and thoughtful.

I can recommend Elke to anyone who is looking for a teacher who not only has a classical education but knows how to blend that into the sport of riding to achieve successful results!

Tressa Boulden of Traditions Farm