How does the PIVO system work? Follow these tips to make it easy:

  1. Place the PIVO on the track with a tripod at X. Make the legs of the tripod as flat as possible then you have the best possible stability.
  2. Use the Equestrian mode in landscape format, you can later cut it into portrait format if necessary.
  3. Due to the automatic follow-up speed, the PIVO keeps running even if it loses you for a short time.
  4. If there are other riders on the track, make sure that they always avoid you on the outside. You should always be in front of the camera.
  5. Activate the PIVO with the remote control. This should be loose in the jacket pocket so that a button is not accidentally pressed.
  6. Now you can connect with your coach, you can use the automatic zoom or 
  7. you only film the sequences you need in order not to unnecessarily load the mobile phone memory, the remote control also helps you with this.

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