Horses Training & Courses

Basic Training of the Young Horse

Getting the 3 to 4 year old horse used to daily work on the lunge and gentle first contact with the rider. Backing and bringing on the young horse to correct obedience to leg and weight aids, achieving the correct rhythm in all three basic gaits, up to simple transitions and school figures.

If required, the young horse will be presented at entry level competitions in showing classes, dressage and showjumping.

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Private Lessons for You

During our lessons, we aim to teach the correct seat, giving light, nearly imperceptible aids, working the horse in hand and under saddle. The pupil will be prepared by us in such a way as to make working towards movements in the highest degree of collection enjoyable and easy. Our lessons are suitable for horses and riders of all grades.

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“In training and riding horses, there is never only one true method, as each horse is an individual.”
Nuno Oliveira

Further Training of your Horse

New horses are first of all assessed regarding their abilities. Together, we will then discuss your wishes and objectives and establish a training schedule for your horse and yourself, if desired. You have unlimited access to all training sessions and will be briefed regularly on your horse’s progress. In case you are unable to personally attend your horse’s training, we offer the option of providing you with video recordings of your horse’s work on a regular basis. As your horse determines the time required for its training, we will regularly review progress and objectives and tailor them to your horse.

According to your horse’s talent and your training objectives, we offer additional training in Long Reins, work in hand or side saddle.

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Problem Horses

Problem horses receive gentle correction from us. We invite you to visit regularly while your horse is with us and to receive regular instruction in parallel so that you can continue to work your horse correctly once he goes home again.

Support of Students at a Show

How long should I warm up? What kind of footing will there be? How do variations in footing affect warm-up time? How much time do I have left to enter the ring?

As a competitive rider you recognize that, despite regular training, pre-test excitement and uncertainty can get in the way of a good performance.

It’s important to us to support our competitive students as best we can at the competition venue. We support our ambitious students in the warm-up in the same way as we do when training at home, thus taking some of the pressure of test-riding off the student. That way students have a chance to take their training achievements with them into the test.

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Practicum or Apprenticeship

We regularly accept students wishing to further their education with us for training for several months’ duration. During this time, candidates will be responsible for the care of the horses who live here. In compensation for their work, we offer daily instruction on our own horses. This can include refinement of the seat through consistent longe work as well as learning how to work a horse in hand. In addition, candidates will accompany us to competitions and will learn how to support us in our work with the horses.