Elke is a superb coach and an even better horsewoman.

I have trained with Elke since 2018 holding monthly, three or four day clinics at my barn. My only regret is that I can’t have Elke here every week! I have horses myself ranging from just backed up to Grand Prix level – and Elke approaches each one with the same degree of kind, empathetic encouragement, fair discipline, reward and limitless exercises to mold and shape their bodies.

Elke’s attention to detail is extraordinary. She continually corrects and refines my position and technique, has an eagle eye spotting the smallest change necessary in me – and I feel under her guidance the development of my riding and knowledge has been a revelation.

I have watched Elke train successful, confident riders and those that are green or nervous and battling with self belief. She always gives the same input herself and pitches her lesson at just the right level to leave each student feeling on top of the world. Whether you’re just beginning your journey in the horse world, want to improve your skills and relationship with your horse, or dream of top level competition, I cannot think of a better mentor and coach to direct your adventure.