Advice how you can keep your input.

As you know, you get a massive theoretical and practical advice during my lessons. Sometimes it’s too much to keep it in your mind.

Belwo you will find some advices how you could keep this input after the training and how to continue with it.

  1. …do some notes.
    Right after the lesson you’ll remember what you’ve been told. Take a scatchpad, a piece of paper, a pen in your riding cupboard and note the most important you’ve remember after you tacked off your hors. What patters have you been ridden? What kind of exercises? What combiantions?
    While taking down and phrasing your memories you’re able to realize where your weakness is what the solution could be. Between the clinics you’re able to look at your notes and you’ll refresh your last training.
  2. …ask somebody to film the training.
    Short sequences mad by the mobile phone are better than nothing. It’s important to get filmed while having a problem and get through that. You’ll saved the solution in your film and it’s easier to remember the feeling your horse gave to you.
    Don’t worry how you look like, it’s for your eyes only.
  3. …do your homework.
    At least at the end of the last lesson we talk about your homework. To practice your homework between the clinics is very important as problems not getting solved by ignoring them. Combine your usual patterns and exercises with the stuff what we did together. Bit by bit you will find solutions by yourself.
  4. …Video Coaching / Live streaming.
    If the time between the clinics is too long or you just need help in-between you’ll have the opportunity of video coaching / live coaching. Either you’ll send me a short video about your last ride or we meet for live coaching via internet. More informations you’ll find here.

Something at the end… You can do everything but do it without force.

Take your time but dont waste your time. In your training two individuals are involved, you and your horse. Both of you could have a bad day. If your brain is full of everything don’t do a serious training. Go for a hack. Never load your mental “rubbish” on your horse. Do some mental training, breath deeply to get rid of it. Let it go, if you feel better, climb your horse.

Your partner horse deserve’s it!