Jan 22 2019

You only get what you pay for … and paying for high-quality professional training is an investment for (your horse’s) life! On internet forums one often reads the question, “does anyone know a good horsebreaker, who breaks in young horses gently, sensitively catering to their needs, ideally at my yard” or we get the following […]

Apr 18 2018

Support for you and your horse regardless where you are in the world! I will help you: to get through a problem to establish your training level to reach the next level to prepare for the competition, you will ride your test and I will give you support and advice to get the best feeling […]

Mar 4 2018

Application and use of the Vienna Cavesson The relevance of the cavesson as a gentle implement Hello everyone, Today’s topic is the cavesson, its many applications and the possibilities it presents in regard to working with your horses. The old masters, such as Antoine de Pluvinel (1555 – 1620), already used a cavesson to spare […]

Nov 13 2017

Our equipment makes a difference! Easy to handle and lightweight. In cooperation with Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg, our longstanding mentor and trainer, we developed the EPP Longeing Equipment. Regardless of our horses’ training level we are regularly working them in-hand as well. First, they have to be warmed up forward-downward during the loosening exercises in each training […]