For long time I’ve been thinking of buying a string girth. Unfortunately, they are not very often manufacturers found and when they do, they come with exorbitant prices. Now I have finally found an expert near me. Nina Wühle from “Reit-wie-am-Schnürchen” produces string girths made from different materials and all imaginable lengths.

For testing, I had a mohair string girth with a width of 14 cm and a cotton one with a width of 12 cm. Both had a total length of 65 cm. I tested the girths at Allegra with a Prestige and Passier saddle, at Giro with a Prestige saddle.

On Allegra I always have the problem that his saddles like to slide forward. That’s why I always had to tighten the neoprene ones way too much, also to avoid a sore point behind his elbow. Unfortunately without any success. The sore point mostly appeared with the change of coat in spring and stayed through the summer. During the first test ride with the mohair girth, I was able to tighten much less, the saddle stayed at his place. However, the belt was pushed together under the his chest after riding, which indicates that the belt was too wide. The sore point was unchanged and remained dry. After a few days, it became smaller and even when using the narrower girth (cotton 12 cm wide) the skin was without irritation and the saddle remained lying.

I am so enthusiastic about the girths that I immediately ordered my own. I am also very happy to get a cooperation with Nina Wühle : by quoting the discount code elkepotucekdressage you will receive a discount of 5% on your orders. Just have a look at the following link!