Conditions/Price List

Training Rider

Training with your own horse

120,00 EUR / Lesson
– city district Karlsruhe

10er Subsrciption 1000,00 EUR
– city district Karlsruhe
– Unused lessons will not be paid out but are transferable to third parties

Coaching during competitions

Support in the preparation area. Discussion of the test afterwards.

City district Karlsruhe: First test 100,00 EUR, every other test at the same day 50,00 EUR.
Abroad daily rate plus flight costs, meals and lodging.

Training Horse

Unbroken horse:

Basic training, lungeing and braking in, at least 6 months.

Further education and longterm training of the horse

At least 3 months, shorter trainings only for longterm customers available.

Request training for your horse

Video Conference

Together we will review, via Zoom Call, a video you upload to YouTube using the “private” setting. The video may not be longer that 15 minutes.

50,00 EUR per review of about 30 minutes in length. Includes 19% VAT.

Live Stream Instruction

Choose the booking option that suits you best.

Version 1: Private Riding Lesson

Choose your own time. Reschedule without penalty at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment, or convert to a 10-lesson package or to VIP Training and receive full credit for the price of your private lesson. Lessons are about 45 minutes long; for what is included, see Course Offerings. Price per Lesson: 120,00 EUR including 19% VAT.

Version 2: 10-Lesson Package

Choose your own time and save some money. Reschedule without penalty at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment. Lessons are about 45 minutes long and are conducted as above. Price per package: 1000,00 EUR including 19% VAT.

Version 3: VIP Training – no free spaces available!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Participation during the current calendar year, or participation in at least two courses in the preceding year.
  • Appointment times are set promptly at the beginning of the month; this reserves your training time slot.
  • Payment is required one month in advance; the amount will vary with the number of lesson time slots reserved for the following month.
  • A better value than the 10-lesson package.
  • Also includes free unlimited support via personal telephone call, WhatsApp or Messenger, should you encounter an unexpected challenge.
  • Includes one free video analysis once per calendar quarter.
  • Additional support at international competitions at a significantly reduced price.
  • Lessons can be carried over to the next weekend in cases where competition is at short notice; in such cases you will be charged only for any time beyond 60 minutes.

If a cancellation on our part is necessary, you may reschedule without charge, or your lessons may be postponed to the following calendar month. If you initiate the cancellation, we will try to reschedule but there is no guarantee. There is no refund for cancelled lessons.

You may cancel your reserved live stream training session 20 days before the end of the month. After that time we cannot guarantee you a reserved time slot.

Cost for VIP Training (approx. 30/45 minutes, as above): 85,00 – 75,00 EUR per lesson, including 19% VAT. The price varies with the number of lessons booked each month.

booking Live-Stream lesson

Clinics in your barn

Version 1:

Max. 10 participants per day, minimum 3 training days.
Private training 40 minutes per lesson per day.

1000,00 EUR per day, inkl. 19 % VAT, plus flight costs, plus meals and lodging.

Version 2:

Max. 8 participants per day, minimum 3 training days. Private training 1st day 1 x 45 minutes, in the evening about 30 minutes theory, 2nd day private training 2 x 30 minutes, 3rd day 1 x 45 minutes.
200,00 EUR per participant per day, inkl. 19 % VAT. plus flight costs, plus meals and lodging.

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booking a clinic at your barn