Brilliant by Lehndorffs, he is a typical Trakehner! Super intelligent and his attitude was always like ‘I know it better than you’ . He could easily have been used as court policeman, because he saw everything going around at the barn. Sometimes it was really difficult to ride him especially during the preparation at the competitions, but once he got into the arena he knew what it was all about. As crazy as he usually was, you could rely on him. Super concentrated, always bringing everything into the arena, he has been competed successfully up to medium class and also showed in Prix St. Georg. In summer 2018 we gave Brilliant to one of our master students. He is now at home in Hungary with Mariette May Wassibauer and after only 4 weeks together with her they were placed 2nd in an M**. In 2019 in their first Prix St. Georg the were placed 2nd again. He loves to mix up the herd during the day and never gets tired of playing ‘catching the halter’ game with his mates. We hope they will successfully in the future at the small tour too.