Zabeel Racing Stables is one of the most exclusive stables in the world and a visit is only permitted with a private invitation. In January I accepted the long-standing invitation from Satisch Seemar and spent a few days there. As can be read in the biography of Satish, HRH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum approached him in 1990 and asked him for help in fulfilling his dream of building one of the most prestigious racing teams in the world.

There are currently around 120 racehorses in training there. Zabeel Stables was designed to be the most horse friendly environment as possible, with large open spaces and it was as the best training facilities created. Before training, the horses are guided by their grooms in order to warm up the musculoskeletal system as gently as possible. Then it goes calmly to the racetrack. There the horses have to stand quietly in the group for a while before they start individually in a quiet trot. From half of the racetrack on, they start to gallop and speed up if necessary. After training, the horses receive their wellness in hydro or cryptotherapy. The horses are allowed to swim in the 100 m pool several times a week.

I really enjoyed my time in Dubai and am looking forward to my next visit there.