Ciljano van de Kampert is an experienced FEI competitor. He is 16 (rising 17) years old and is beautifully bred for dressage being Welt Hit 2 x Rubenstein.

My longterm pupil, located in UK, has owned him for four years and he has been the most wonderful and generous horse and they have had many successes.

He is an attractive bay gelding and he is a gentleman is every respect. He is easy to ride and very happy to do his work enthusiastically. He would make an great competition horse or he will teach someone how to do higher level dressage.

This summer he has had scores of 70% at premier league Intermediate 1, and was second in an Intermediate 2 at Premier League.

He recently competed at Vale View and Keysoe High Profile Shows and has already experiences in Grand Prix.

After the work of course he enjoys hacking too.

Watch the video:

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