I’m very proud to be invited together with Lipica to Marbach Classics in July 2014. I was responsible for the choreography for Quadrille with 8 horses in side-saddle. Lipica takes part with 202 Neapolitano Graciosa III in sidesaddle with Neja Kogoj, 119 Favory Graciosa II in sidesaddle with Fabrizia Percacci, 274 Favor Steaka XX under saddle with Miro Dragic and 275 Maestoso Betalka XXVI under saddle with Miran Mavec. From Kladruby Stud also two Riders and Ladies in sidesaddle taking part.

The Quadrille showed soulder-in, half passes, flying changes, canter pirouettes as well as two stud specific parts where the riders from Lipica showed piaffe, passage and Fabrizia showed a perfect Levade in sidesaddle.

I supported Sacha Eckjahns to train the big quadrille where 32 stallions taking part.

In was a honor to be involved.