I have had the pleasure to ride with Elke the last 3 years. During this period my riding skills have made a really big leap forward.  It made a tremendous difference to meet somebody that could se me, and my horse, so clearly !  Elke has been able to guide and support me towards much better riding results. Elke has a profound understanding of the average riders difficulties, and is able to guide very precisely during the lesson in an accurate and understandable way. This is very much due to her knowledge of biomechanics in horse and rider ,  her long gathered experience with many different horse types and riders , and her personal skills to see and support every individual.
I would highly recommend Elke for both the advanced rider, wanting to fine tune their performances, and the average rider in need of precise and correct guiding to increase the quality of their riding.

Best regards,  Ragnhild Kyrkjeboe