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This training day takes place at Bellandor Páty, Hungary

The clinic is aimed at developing a sensible and individual training plan for all horse-rider pairs. Not only the competitive rider – regardless of their persuasion – but also the leisure rider and the beginner will be addressed, as the focus lies on the correct seat/position, which is the foundation of correct aids. Dressage and show jumping lessons will available.

Besides the rider’s position, the lessons are built upon the principles of classical dressage and exercises. This enables the rider to continuously school their equine partner, thus providing the conditions to perform difficult as well as most accomplished movements.

Given the horse’s level of schooling, advanced exercises such as Half Pass, Flying Changes, first Piaffe steps and Passage will be realized. Always bear in mind: “The exercise is meant for the horse, not the horse for the exercise!”

During the lessons, persisting problems will be solved and significant progress is achieved and consolidated every consecutive day. At the same time, the rider is provided with new ideas to effectively organize their own training, thereby taking the positive evolvements home.

In addition to “normal” riding lessons, in-hand work and riding side-saddle is also available.

An informative combination of personalized instruction and classical equestrian theory awaits both spectators and participants.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact: Eilika von Habsburg-Lothringen, phone: +36 30 957 7577