Training Rider

Training with your own horse

85,00 EUR / Lesson
– city district Karlsruhe

10er Subsrciption 750,00 EUR
– city district Karlsruhe
– Unused lessons will not be paid out but are transferable to third parties

Training Horse

Unbroken horse:

Basic training, lungeing and braking in
550,00 EUR / month
after 3 months 500,00 EUR / month

Further education:

500,00 EUR / 1. + 2. month
Longterm training of the horse minimum 3-6 months
450,00 EUR / Monat

All prices includes 19 % VAT.

Plus all costs for livery: further information you will find at

Clinics in your barn

Version 1:

Max. 10 participants per day, minimum 3 training days.
Private training 40 minutes per lesson per day.

800,00 EUR per day, inkl. 19 % VAT, plus flight costs, plus meals and lodging.

Version 2:

Max. 8 participants per day, minimum 3 training days. Private training 1st day 1 x 45 minutes, in the evening about 30 minutes theory, 2nd day private training 2 x 30 minutes, 3rd day 1 x 45 minutes.
150,00 EUR per participant per day, inkl. 19 % VAT. plus flight costs, plus meals and lodging.

Coaching during competitions

Support in the preparation area. Discussion of the test afterwards.

City district Karlsruhe: First test 80,00 EUR, every other test at the same day 50,00 EUR.
Abroad daily rate plus flight costs, meals and lodging.