Are you already looking for a Christmas present? Maybe we have something for you to give away or as a gift for yourself:

  1. Cavesson Vienna Style:
    – threefold cavesson iron with the rings (2 fixed and 1 mobile)
    – padding of the noseband
    – adjustable strap around the neck
    – split cheek strap
    – split chin strap
    – available in black or brown leather
    price: 295,- EUR incl. VAT (excl. costs for delivery)
    A must have for In-hand work or professional longeing without pressure on the bit!
  2. Numnah in black with silver tuck and silver embroidered logo
    price: 120,- EUR inkl. VAT (excl. costs for delivery)
  3. Gift voucher redeemable for live stream training, or clinics. The amount of the gift voucher can be freely selected.

  4. Base cap in grey or black with a silver logo on the front
    price: 19,50 EUR inkl. VAT (excl. costs for delivery)

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